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07 Jan 2013



Chilli Beach - Weeds Infestation Control, Esplanade Revegetation, and Beach Dune Restoration

Project summary

The significant increase in visitor numbers to the Chili Beach Camp Ground  not only placed stress on the precinct environment, but had also led to outbreaks of noxious flora, the seeds and spores of which were being carried in regularly by visitor vehicles. 
In addition, remedial work to minimise a predominant monoculture of coconut palms in the camping area had resulted in a “brown earth” environment on the esplanade that needed to be revegetated with natural species. Further, indiscriminate vehicle access to the beach had caused some dune degradation and collapse that needed to be redressed to avoid high-tide saltwater inundation of the esplanade, the freshwater table and low-lying coastal wetlands.

Throughout this project the following four activities were conducted at Chili Beach:

  1. Protection of natural beach and dune flora by controlling weed infestations from the start of the wet season and continuing periodically as required and planned;
  2. The revegetation of approximately 200m x 15m on the Chili Beach esplanade by sourcing stock and the completion of seedling planting in clumps in and around the degraded area by the end of January 2013
  3. Repair of the dune degradation caused by vehicle access by using locally sourced materials including rock, gravel, timber bollards and sand;
  4. The establishment of a seedling stock for future use on the esplanade both in the designated area and adjoining areas to the north and south by providing nursery materials to Kuuku Ya’u Rangers for them to establish and develop seedlings (in their Greenhouse) for use on the Chili Beach esplanade in the 2013-14 wet season. 

In-kind support is being provided by Cook Shire Council Parks and Gardens department; Queensland National Parks Iron Range Ranger unit; Kuuku Ya'u rangers; Cook Shire Agent at Portland Roads, Greg Westcott and Mr Neil Dahl.

Project location

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