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03 Mar 2015



Catchment Solutions

Project summary

Three rainfall simulations will be undertaken at each of four different land use combinations as soon as possible after the wet season (plus 3 demonstration/field days). Simulation runs could include:

  • Endeavour Valley horticulture- different management practices, roads etc
  • Lakeland horticulture- different management practices, roads, etc
  • 2 x grazing properties - different grazing pressures incl. exclusion area, grazing and roads on sodic soil

Simulated rainfall will be applied to small plots (up to 1.8m wide, 2m long) at a rainfall rate similar to a 1 in 10 year return interval (e.g. 64mm/hr for 1 hour at Lakeland). Rainfall will be applied until runoff, then for a further 30 minutes. Runoff will be sampled at 5 minute intervals to calculate discharge and water quality samples (sediment and total/filtered nutrients) collected (6 samples per simulation run). Water quality samples will also be collected from each of the water sources used for the simulated rainfall (assume four sources).

Project location

Data and Resources


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