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27 May 2016



Cape York Indigenous Fire Workshop 2016

Project summary

The annual Cape York Indigenous Fire Workshop brings many communities as well as multiple agencies and organisations together to help teach them about fire, how they can progress the methodologies used in their own regions for managing fire, and facilitate sharing the knowledge and practices of individuals and organisations between one another.

In 2016 the structure for the workshop remained similar to previous years, with individuals involved gathering at the event in Wujal Wujal and camping for four days in order to accomplish the planned agenda. Four large groups were created and cycled through workshops on traditional burning, traditional knowledge based monitoring, botanical and traditional plant knowledge, cultural workshops and media with the last day consisting of a number of cultural events and further burning. Night entertainment was provided in the form of films, presentations, cultural dance and music.

All activities were run and overlooked by professional practitioners working alongside the Jabalbina Rangers and Traditional Owners. The primary goal of the 2016 Indigenous Fire Workshop was like the years before it to bring a common ground of fire knowledge to communities abroad and to evolve the culture of fire, including it in the future of both country and community.

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