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08 Jul 2021



Building Traditional Owner capacity to maintain water quality on traditional lands

Project summary

This project will protect wetlands along the Morehead River in Cape York. It will build the capacity of Traditional Owners to achieve improved water quality outcomes by fencing cattle away from the river frontage. In addition to learning how to build and maintain fences, participants will be trained in weed control, wetland monitoring and fish surveys, and cattle management across the property.

  • Background

    The Morehead River has numerous wetlands along its frontage. These wetlands are impacted by pigs and cattle which damage the wetland fringes, plus they enter the water to eat lilies and other wetland plants. Pigs are also known to eat frogs and other vertebrate species. An initial round of wetland surveys will be carried out in late 2021 to set the baseline for wetland health prior to the erection of fencing to exclude cattle from the river frontage and the wetland adjacent to the Morehead River. Weed control activities will be undertaken to reduce the impact of annual weeds on ground cover along the fenced area. This project will support Traditional Owners through training and knowledge building.

  • Project activities

    This project aims to improve wetland health through cattle exclusion, feral pig control, weed control, and building a greater understanding of the importance of wetland function. Work will commence in July 2021 with training for weed control. Fencing activities will commence in the 2021 dry season, and weed control activities will be carried out at the commencement of the 2021 wet season. A baseline wetland survey will be carried out in September 2021 with a follow-up survey in September 2022.

Project location

Data and Resources


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