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25 Jun 2016



Annie River Rehabilitation

Project summary

This project at supports rehabilitation of the Annie River System at Lilyvale Station river system, which feeds directly into Princess Charlotte Bay.

Installation of off stream water points and rebuilding 11 km of fence to complete a paddock which will relieve grazing pressure on the Annie river system. This will enable cattle to be moved off the rivers and placed behind wire to utilise relatively unstocked areas, allowing areas which are heavily grazed to be managed. This will assist with the regeneration of natural grass species and limiting damage to the river banks and flood out areas and creating better soil health and water quality. A thickening of the natural grass species will help to overcome weed infestation on river system. Outcomes include Better soil and water quality as well as maintaining ground cover on the river system. New off stream watering points as well as better herd management and control of cattle on the river system and the new paddock. 

This project is part of the sub program of ‘Sustainable agricultural systems and livelihoods: maintaining soils and water’ and is aligned with the National Landcare Programme Strategic Outcome 2: Increase in the number of farmers and fishers adopting practices that improve the quality of the natural resource base, and the area of land over which those practices are applied.

Project location

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