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Cape York Peninsula Land Use Strategy: Natural Resource Analysis Program: Flora Data and Modelling for Cape York Peninsula

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The Flora Data and Modellng Project was one of three projects undertaken by ERIN for the Natural Resources Analysis Program of CYPLUS stage 1.

Prior to this report the existing data and information about the flora of the Cape York Peninsula was widely scattered across numerous agencies and individuals within many different formats. The purpose of this project was to make information on the flora of the Cape York Peninsula readily available to environmental decision makers in digital form through the Relational Database Management Systems and Geographic Information Systems.

The objectives of the project were to collate existing flora data on the Cape York Peninsula and integrate this with the newly collected data from the previous NRAP project; the Vegetation Survey of North Queensland. Further ojectives were to analyse the data for gaps and to identify the distribution of certain species and finally provide suitable digital tools for accessing this data in the CYPLUS Geographic Information System.