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Cape York Peninsula Land Use Strategy: Land Use Program: Management of Pastoral Holdings Cape York Peninsula

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The aim of this study was to describe and assess the pastoral industry of the Cape York Peninsula in terms of its [then] current operations and land management as well as to provide an analysis of [then] existing and potential land tenure for pastoral uses.
The preferred production system of the Department of Lands at the time was one which suited the lessees financial position, skills and personal preference all while adhering to the policy regarding land sustainability, the living area concept, and maximising economic production while staying within environmental safety limits.
As part of this study 26 country type classifications were created and the the potential cattle carrying capacity for each was calculated. The assessed carrying capacities were considered to be low, implying that there ad been little development in the pastoral industry and that the potential for development was insiginifcant. [Then] recent developments in pasture technology, nutritional supplementation, and herd management techniques meant that the carrying capacity had increased and thus a reassessment was necessary. The report highlighted that futher research into the location of infrastructure improvements on grazing leases was required to assist in land use planning for the pastoral industry.