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Cape York Peninsula Land Use Strategy: Natural Resource Analysis Program: Mineral Resource Inventory of Cape York Peninsula

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As part of the Natural Resources Analysis program the Geological Survey Division of the Queensland Department of Minerals and Energy compiled a database of known mineralisation within the CYPLUS area in order to update and expand then current knowledge of the bedrock geology, regolith, geochemistry, coastal geology, and geophyisics of the region.

The CYPLUS area was reported to contain significant resources of bauxite, kalin, and silica sand with a high potential for the discovery of gold, tin, tungsten, coal,limestone, and heavy minerals. The area is also known to contain resources of iron, manganese, antimony, and base metals such as copper lead and zinc with some potential for the discovery of gemstones such as diamonds and saphires and a crude oil. There are also areas of note with significant groundwater reserves.