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Cape York Peninsula Land Use Strategy: Natural Resources Analysis Program: Regolith-Terrain Mapping of Cape York Peninsula

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Regolith within the CYPLUS area in North Queensland consists both of 'in situ' weathered beardock and transported minerals. In situ weathered bedrock refers to deep weathering profiles with bauxitic or ferruginous durcrusts, mottled zones, and pallid zones as well as residual sand over weathered saprolite in areas of low geomprohic activity. It also incoudes thin soils lying directly on bedrock. Transported regolith incldues large areas of alluviam, narrow strips of alluvium, coastal sediments and small areas of colluvium between steeper hill slopes.

This report provided a Regolith-Landorm map to be used by various organisations with regard to land use strategy and plan development. The area was divided into regolith-landform units which were mapped using a comination of 1:80,000 panchromatic aerial photography (1970) 1:50,000 colour aerial photography (1990) as well as Landsat TM image data, airborne magnetic and gamma ray spectrmetric image data, and field work carried out over a period between 1992 to 1994 by the Australian Geological Surey Organisation.