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Gully remediation at Spring Creek

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Gully erosion causes significant amounts of sediment to enter Cape York waterways. Around a million tonnes of sediment washes through southern Cape York’s Normanby catchment every year due to gully erosion. Gullies create more problems than just run off —they damage pasture, wreck fences and cause injury to cattle.

Cape York NRM is partnering with landholders across the Normanby catchment to tackle gully erosion problems, thanks to funding from the Australian Government delivered through the Reef Trust Phase IV program.

Wayne Smith is one landholder who has been actively involved in the program. He owns and manages Spring Creek—a 3,000-hectare pastoral holding 20 kilometres from Lakeland.

Spring Creek is one of many smaller holdings subdivided from a larger cattle station. All of these subdivided properties are erosion-prone due to the dispersive properties of the sub-soil, and historical management practices.


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