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MCYL S2 Vince Harrigan

Vince Harrigan is a Traditional Owner and Ranger from Normanby Station in southern Cape York. The 31,400 acre property was returned to his family in the 1990s. The Harrigan brothers are caring for country and Vince says he can see Country becoming healthy again. 

The Normanby River runs through the property into Princess Charlotte Bay – and Vince knows that work being undertaken on the property is having a positive impact the health of the reef. 

Vince and his brothers are part of the nationally acclaimed Black Image Band - who feature on this series on My Cape York Life. The songs produced by the band speak of culture, country and connection.

Vinces shares the story of his connection with Country and why he is proud that his kids are able to grow up in Cooktown, and on Normanby Station.

Vince Harrigan

My Cape York Life has been brought to you by Cape York NRM, with support from the Australian Government's National Landcare Programme. 

The theme music is Midday Blues by Tate Peterson used under a Creative Commons licence; and Cape York by Black Image Band, used with permission from Vince Harrigan, Black Image Band.

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