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MCYL 05 Peter & Annette Marriott

Peter and Annette Marriott have done a lot in their time together on Cape York Peninsula.

The Marriotts run Ninda Creek, a 9,000 acre cattle property near Lakeland on southern Cape York.

Annette was born in Cooktown, and Peter moved to the Cape in the early 70s to manage Crocodile Station. 45 years later he hasn’t quite made the fortune he dreamed of back then, but Peter and Annette still love living and working on the Cape.

They’ve brought an innovative approach to improving their cattle and pastures, supporting their efforts with off-farm work in their earth-moving business. They’ve built roads, dug dams and built fences all over the Cape.

Peter and Annette shared their stories with Cape York NRM in January, giving a unique and entertaining insight into the challenges of making sustainable agriculture work on Cape York Peninsula.

Below:  Annette Marriott in the work shed with Cape York NRM's Michael Goddard

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