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Referendum an opportunity to unite all Australians

A statement by the Board of Directors of Cape York Natural Resource Management

On October 14, Australians will make a historic decision voting to amend the Constitution, recognising the First People of Australia through the establishment of an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice. This marks a significant and unifying event in our nation’s history.

Cape York Natural Resource Management is deeply committed to forging inclusive partnerships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals, organisations and communities.  Our diverse Board of Director reflects the richness of Cape York Peninsula communities, symbolising our unwavering dedication to working alongside every stakeholder. Importantly, we acknowledge that more than 65 percent of land ownership in Cape York Peninsula now rests in the hands of Traditional Owners. In the spirit of self-determination, our Board firmly believes that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders rightfully deserve their place within the Constitution.

It's important to recognise that all Australians stand to benefit from this recognition, as we honor and respect the profound knowledge, culture, and stories of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Indigenous Director Pauline Smith aptly describes the “Yes” vote as an opportunity for all Australians to unite and contribute to building a stronger, fairer nation.