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Special meeting to vote on a new constitution

Cape York NRM members are being asked to vote on a new constitution to strengthen the organisation’s capacity to serve the people and communities of our region.

The proposed constitution has been developed over the past six months, drawing on experience from Cape York NRM’s first decade of operation, and input from the existing Board of Directors and members.

Chair, Emma Jackson who was a member of the original steering committee overseeing the consultation process and contributing significantly to the formation and direction of the organisation, said that the timing is now.  “Cape York has changed over the past ten years with some generations moving on, industries strengthening and more visitors to the region.  It is time to draw on our ten years of knowledge and experience, considering the thoughts of Directors current and past and design a structure that enables us to be more efficient, practical and successful.  We must reflect on who we are as a region and make sure we have in place a Board that provides the most opportunities and outcomes for our people and our landscapes. We have a responsibility to our members, and the next generations to grow as they grow, change as they change, and adapt accordingly,” Mrs Jackson said. 

The purpose, role and function of Cape York NRM will not change, with continued support and delivery of projects delivering real benefits for the whole community.

The proposed constitution will be put to a vote of members at a special general meeting at Wolverton Station on Friday 13 August 2021 at 4:30pm.  Prior to the meeting there will be an opportunity for an informal chat with Directors and staff around the changes being proposed and all members are encouraged to come along.

Chair Jackson believes that the proposed changes will enhance the influence of members on strategic direction, and reflects the many ways that people live in and associate with the region. “The changes mean our governance arrangements will enable a broader representation and those who leave Cape York are included in our future.  The current model is restrictive, it excludes those who no longer live here and divides the region, sectors and communities.  This approach brings the people of Cape York together,” Mrs Jackson said.

Members can vote in person or by proxy. Those attending the meeting are welcome to camp for the night at Wolverton Station. There will be a Meet and Greet BBQ, with food provided and BYO drinks.



View draft constitution