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Ecosystems and species protection on Cape York

The health and resilience of coastal habitats of the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) catchments in Cape York have been granted a helping hand through the Catchments to Coral Program.

The Program aims to support land managers in these GBR catchments with the delivery of projects that will result in the improved health of coastal ecosystems and the protection of species within these ecosystems.

Over 80% of eastern Cape York's coastal ecosystems are either Aboriginal freehold or Cape York Peninsula Aboriginal Land (jointly managed with QPWS). Through partnership with these local land management groups, the project will build community capacity for sustainable management of significant coastal habitat beyond the life of the project.

Full details about the program and its objectives, who can apply, and what can be funded, can be found in the attached Expression of Interest Application Guidelines and Application Form.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss project ideas, please contact Dave Preece 0418 464 487

The Catchments to Coral Program is funded by the Australian Government’s Reef Trust