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2021 Cape York Grazing Forum

Grazing cattle on Cape York Peninsula can be a challenging way to make a living. But attendees at the recent 2021 Cape York Grazing Forum heard there are services and organisations ready and willing to help.

About 80 people attended the annual Forum, run by Cape York Natural Resource Management at the Laura Rodeo Grounds on 18 and 19 May. 

Cape York NRM Sustainable Industries and Water Quality Manager, Michael Goddard, said the Forum has become a popular and valuable annual community event. 

“Graziers, their families, employees, and the broader Cape York community got together to share experiences, get the latest from industry leaders and learn about services available in the region,” Michael said.

Helen Chapman is the Senior Mental Health Clinician at the Royal Flying Doctor Service. It provides a weekly fly-in-fly-out mental health support service on the Cape.

“We support people with culturally appropriate in-person or phone and online services, to help manage depression, anxiety, stress and grief,” Helen said.

Lynette McGuffie, from Rural Financial Counselling Service North Queensland spoke about financial pressures and strategies to improve self-reliance in agricultural businesses.

What makes Cape York a great place to live also attracts visitors, and some of them might not be entirely welcome. The Queensland Police Major and Organised Crime Squad spoke about strategies to address trespassing and camping without permission. Far Northern Crime Stoppers President, Mladen Bosnic, told the Forum of plans to extend their region into Cape York Peninsula.

The 2021 Cape York Grazing Forum program included presentations from Cape York NRM and North Australian Fire Information. Meat & Livestock Australia spoke about climate change and carbon opportunities for graziers. Northern Gulf RMG spoke on the E-Beef project, bringing new technologies to cattle grazing.

This event was made possible with funding from the Commonwealth/State Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements through the Community Development Program, with support from Australian and Queensland Governments’ Paddock to Reef Program and Natural Resources Investment Program and was delivered by Cape York NRM.