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Cultural awareness: a step in the right direction

Navigating the relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people on Cape York can be a challenging experience, and one which Cape York NRM has approached proactively. 

This week, Barry Hunter of Barry J. Hunter Consulting took Cape York NRM staff on the journey that began before non-Indigenous people arrived in this country, illustrating the myriad of Acts, laws and government departments that have impacted Aboriginal people over the last couple of centuries. 

The workshop provided staff with a greater understanding of Aboriginal people, their experiences since colonisation, and their deep connection to Country on the Cape. 

Barry encouraged open discussion and questions throughout the day. “This is a safe zone where you can ask any questions. No restrictions here,” he said. 

By the end of the day, everyone had a better understanding of the experiences of Cape York’s Indigenous people creating a way forward to form even stronger working relationships in natural resource management.