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Help us improve regional and remote quality of life

Since 2013, the Regional Wellbeing team at the University of Canberra has been asking people across Australia, in remote, rural and urban regions, about the liveability of their community, their wellbeing, and their ability to cope with challenging times. The program produces reports which show survey results across Australia as well as for specific groups such as farmers. Many organisations use the data to track quality of life in their region and to advocate for better services and resources for the communities they serve. 

The end goal is to improve the quality of life across regional Australia. 

The latest survey is open for your input now but it closes soon. There are three different survey lengths (spanning 5 to 45 minutes to complete) and the online survey is easy to access and complete. 

Across the globe, there’s a growing body of work tracking social progress using measures that go beyond economic growth. The United Nations, the OECD and more than 50 countries are pro-actively capturing and analysing this information. This is because we know that economic growth doesn’t guarantee a good quality of life. 

We need to understand how liveable, safe and friendly communities are. And we especially need to know whether they have access to key services and infrastructure. 

Please help us to build a strong and accurate picture of what it’s like to live in regional and remote Australia. In previous surveys, remote communities were severely under-represented and we’d like to change that.

Please take five minutes to share your perspective now. Visit for more information and to complete the survey before 31 October.