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Thank a scientist this week

Science is in your paddocks, your waterways and in the air you breathe. National Science Week 2020 gives us the opportunity to acknowledge the contributions of science to the way we live. It is also an opportunity to highlight the importance of science to the general public, and to encourage young people to explore the amazing world of science. 

Cape York land managers are actively reducing the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere by carrying out early dry season ‘cool-burning’ practices. Science has proven that the ever-increasing amount of carbon released into the atmosphere has had a direct negative impact on climate change and global warming, and your efforts are greatly appreciated. 

Decreasing the volume of chemical deposits in the soil and waterways has improved the quality of water in the Cape’s wetlands and runoff to the Great Barrier Reef. More scientific methods of measuring the chemicals and their delivery has also contributed to improved production and increased the financial gain of farmers. 

In commenting on the gully remediation work done on Normanby Station, Balnggarrawarra Ranger Vince Harrigan said, "Working with Cape York NRM, South Cape York Catchments, scientists and experts has been really valuable. It means we can do the job properly with the right equipment".

As more and more people are working towards a more sustainable existence, there is promise of restoring the environment to a healthier condition. 

This week is an excellent opportunity to explore the National Science Week website and get involved with science week projects

Cape York NRM is proud to facilitate the delivery of programs that science and technology have made possible. 




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