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Cape York NRM COVID-19 Update No. 3

No. 3 | Thursday 30 April 2020

Cape York NRM has implemented a strong response to the COVID – 19 outbreak including implementing our North Queensland NRM Alliance Pandemic Response Plan, maintaining strict social distancing measures, transitioning staff to working from home arrangements, cancelling travel, field work and events, and inter-office visits.

We have been working closely with the Australian and Queensland governments to ensure project continuity, reviewing delivery deadlines where necessary, and working out alternative delivery mechanisms such as holding web-based events rather than Field Days.

As the rules around gathering and travel are relaxed we will look at what changes can be implemented, while ensuring staff and public health remains the absolute number one priority. We are heartened by the fact the Cape remains COVID-19 free and that Queensland’s caseload is reducing, however we are taking a cautious approach underpinned by compliance with all public health regulations.

We are currently reviewing our protocols for when and where staff may be able to get out into the field again and whether a staged reintroduction of activity may be possible. We are also examining when staff may be able to return to their offices, while recognising that any easing of restrictions carries risk and therefore must be approached with caution. Now that the wet season is behind us, we are really looking forward to continuing our field work if and when we can do so safely.

In the meantime, the team is available by phone and is busy developing up the next round of projects for delivery on the Cape. If you have any questions about the support that is available, please contact staff directly or the office on 1300 132 262.

As mentioned in our last update, Cape York NRM is committed to the people, communities, economy and environment of our region and feel confident that whatever challenges we face, we can face them together.

Yours sincerely,

Cape York NRM CEO John Gavin