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Cape York NRM COVID-19 Update

No.2 | Thursday 26 March 2020

Cape York NRM is taking the Coronavirus pandemic seriously and has implemented a range of measures to ensure the safety of its staff, remote communities and the region.

We have implemented our Pandemic Response Plan which will ensure we maintain our services while protecting staff and stakeholders from the risks associated with COVID -19 and have put in place the following measures:

  • Transitioned all staff to working from home arrangements
  • Cancelled inessential staff travel
  • Transitioned to holding meetings by phone or via videoconferencing
  • Closed our Cairns, Cooktown and Atherton offices to external visitors
  • Ensured all staff have access to the latest health information   
  • Daily phone contact with all staff to ensure employees feel connected

While these measures may change the way we interact with our communities, and you are much less likely to see us out and about at the moment, we are still operating at full capacity.

Unfortunately, we have had to postpone a number of events, but wherever and whenever possible we will be attempting to continue to provide the same services. You can stay up to date with what we are up to via Facebook, Twitter and our monthly eBulletin.

We would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions on ways we can assist local businesses and communities at this time or just want to share your story of how you are navigating the COVID – 19 outbreak.

Please contact us by:

     CEO John Gavin - 0467 524 611 

     Fire and Biodiversity Manager Kerri Woodcock - 0428 354 700

     Sustainable Industries and Water Quality Manager Michael Goddard - 0498 760 022"

     Program Support Manager Vicki Wundersitz - 0427 649 336

     Communications Manager Juliana Foxlee - 0424 918 459

     Corporate Support Coordinator Denise Hinks - 0429 007 954

We are committed to the peoples, communities, economy and environment of our region and feel confident that whatever challenges we face, we will them together, as a single, united, Cape York community.

Warm regards,

Cape York NRM CEO John Gavin

For more information, please contact Communications Manager Juliana Foxlee on 0424 918 459 or email