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Looking after land and water on the Mitchell River

$186,000 has been granted to Cape York Natural Resource Management to work with graziers to reduce sediment loss from Mitchell River basin grazing properties.

The project will see Cape York NRM and Northern Gulf Resource Management Group work with graziers to improve native vegetation and manage soil erosion to significantly reduce sediment loss from grazing lands. As well as improving reducing erosion and improving water quality in one of Cape York’s most significant catchments, the project will support graziers learn more about the importance of vegetation in reducing erosion so they can look after land and water into the future.

‘This project aims to improve waterway and wetland health,’ project lead Cape York NRM Land and Water Officer Erich Brown said.

‘By working with land managers and helping them learn more about erosion management we improve both land and water quality outcomes. My initial role is to have one-on-one discussions with landholders in the Mitchell basin and work together with them to develop property specific action plans.’

‘We are hoping to get eight properties on board this year, so I encourage graziers in the Mitchell River basin to get in touch and find out more about this project which will help them look after their land and water into the future.

Mitchell River basin land managers who would like to take part in this project are invited to contact Erich on

This project is funded by the Queensland Government Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy through the Queensland Natural Resources Investment Program 2018-2022.