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Welcome to the Cape York Healthy Country Newsletter

It’s been a great start to 2021 with plenty of activity and a good wet season seeing the Cape looking fantastic.

This edition of the Cape York Healthy Country Newsletter highlights how the combination of solid planning and good on ground delivery combine to bring about great results.

New staff welcomed into the region in our last newsletter have now settled in nicely and are prepared to get out and about as the drier weather kicks in.

Project development has continued. A fine example is the collaboration with communities in the southern Cape resulting in the development of the Cape York Community Action Plan (CAP). The CAP has been completed and is ready to go to attract support for upcoming projects addressing community priorities for the Great Barrier Reef. You can read more about the Reef CAP in ‘News’ on our website at

Another opportunity for community collaboration is through the Regional NRM Plan review. The development of the Plan is driven by Cape York NRM, but this is not our plan—this is your plan for the whole region.

We have reviewed the existing NRM plan—looked at all the work and changes that have occurred since that plan was developed—and are now looking for your input to the new Cape York Regional NRM Plan. The article on pages 6–7 highlights how you can influence the priorities for the Cape York region.

The work, conversations and thinking that go into documents like the Regional NRM Plan ultimately form the basis of the essential on ground works that Cape York NRM, and other groups across the Cape, can assist you to deliver.

In this edition we highlight the project working with Umpila Traditional Owners to look at the cassowary populations on eastern Cape York, recognising the importance of, and how little is known about, the Cape York Peninsula populations of this magnificent bird.

I hope you find all the articles in this edition interesting and informative, and thank you for your support of the important work taking place across Cape York.

To finish, I would like to draw your attention to the upcoming 2021 Cape York Grazing Forum (flyer opposite). I look forward to seeing you there or somewhere on the Cape soon.

Warm regards John Gavin