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Update from the Directors

Hopefully you are enjoying this exciting edition which takes you on a journey into the busy season where our teams can get out and about more in communities and on the ground.

COVID-19 influenced 2020, however we did our best under the circumstances. 2021 will see us achieve more, and you will hopefully see more of our guys.

The Board met in March for its final strategic planning workshop. Through the series of workshops we considered our role as your Board, our function in the organisation, and our relationships. We discussed the initial community engagement processes and recommendations that were carried out prior to our formation, and have reflected on the decade following.

We’re excited about presenting our members with suggested changes to our Constitution for their consideration. The changes that we are reviewing will provide the organisation with a refreshed approach relevant and appropriate for today. We have made few alterations to our structures and processes over the past ten years and believe the changes will benefit the governance of the organisation. We hope the modifications encourage members to consider nominating for Directorship positions.

We, as a Board, are excited about the wet season coming to an end so our enthusiastic staff can begin delivering on projects. We can travel about a little more allowing our teams to connect with partners and stakeholders in person. The world has become far too ‘virtual’ and that’s certainly one method of engagement we hope to minimise for our connections. We believe in personal engagement, interactions and good solid chit chat.

You will see and hear our teams talking about our NRM Plan. Please prick your ears and get involved as the contributions we receive from you will steer who we are and what we try to achieve. The NRM Plans are invested into by the Australian Government, and are valued by them. You could effectively be influencing the whole country with your contributions.

We hope you have had a wonderful rainy season and are prepared for an exciting dry season.

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