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Resilient rural women revitalise

Words and photo Robyn May

Many of these women have never taken a day, let alone three days, away from their roles as land managers, mothers, wives, teachers, accountants and the rest, to focus on themselves.

Some of the women attending have overcome or are still experiencing seemingly insurmountable challenges during their lives on the land. Outside their comfort zone, many shared their stories in the comfort of others who understand.

Basalt Bash & Beauty, an annual women-only event which has been running for four years, focuses
on health, wellbeing, creativity, social support, networking and friendship.

Hosted by Northern Gulf Resource Management Group, Rural Financial Counselling Service North Queensland, and RFCS Farm Liaison Officer, the event attracts women from the agriculture and grazing sectors across the Far North.

Attendees participated in a range of sessions, including livestock data systems, industry updates, financial assistance & budgeting, soil health, plus resin jewellery craft, networking & wellness, and lots more.

One of the organisers, Northern Gulf RMG’s Community Liaison Officer Kathy Rowling, said, “Basalt Bash & Beauty is an essential networking event for rural and remote women to keep up with industry updates, learn new skills for their business and work on giving themselves some ‘me time’. 

“I see Basalt Bash and Beauty as a safe place for women to offload problems or concerns and seek assistance, either financial or personal, if needed.”

“This is a time for women to make new friends, catch up with old friends and share, but most of all laugh and go home refreshed,” Kathy said.

The event kicked-off with the highly-anticipated Pyjama Cocktail Party. This little soiree alone resulted in the more shy in the crowd chatting and making new friends. The atmosphere was delightful and a credit to the organisers.

After dinner the following night everyone was in hysterics as they joined in team games of Pictionary and Celebrity Heads.

                                                                            Planting the seed

Planting the seed into the minds of Cape York women. Would you be keen to attend an event such as this on the Cape?

Let us know by contacting Robyn on