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How to find Cape York plans — Who Plans Here

Words Ben Lister and Robyn May

Who Plans Here is a Cape York NRM tool accessible on our website. The tool enables users to locate plans that are in place across the region. Plans are updated regularly, with over 150 plans currently available.

Plans that Cape York NRM has permission to share can be located by searching a selected area on the site’s Cape York map—plans within that selected area will be displayed. Users will then have the option to download, or to contact the plan owner for access.

This tool gives voice to both past and current planning on Cape York from property to regional scales.

A few examples of plans already available are:

  • Survey of Forest Resources of Cape York Peninsula

  • Surface Water Resources of Cape York Peninsula

  • Fire on Cape York Peninsula

  • Recovery plan for marine turtles

Why is this tool useful?

This is a one-stop site that enables Cape York landholders to do a quick search to find out what plans are already in place in their location of interest, and who to go to to find out more information on that plan.

Submit your plan

Land and sea managers on Cape York are invited to submit their plans online by going to capeyorknrm.

Click on the ‘Submit’ button and follow the prompts.

Of course, if you have any questions or need some guidance, please call our office on 07 4095 7136 and ask to speak to Ben Lister. You can also contact Ben on

This project is supported by Cape York NRM through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program