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Updates to application process Queensland Health

Baiting products containing regulated poisons

Recent amendments have been made to Queensland Health’s application process to obtain and use baiting products containing regulated poisons ie: strychnine, fluoroacetic acid (1080) and 4-aminopropriophenone (PAPP). There is no change to coordinated baiting programs provided by Local Governments.

There are eight key amendments — documents can be found on the website at

There is currently a shortage of strychnine in Queensland. The Permit issued to Queensland (DAF) by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority will expire 31 March 2019. Landholders applying for strychnine will notice that their Endorsement for strychnine will expire on this date. Once further information is received as to the renewal status of the permit is, it will be distributed accordingly. The decision making on landholder applications under this process continues to be undertaken by the local Public Health Units.

Contact your local Public Health Unit if you require any further information. The contact details for Public Health Units can be found here:

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