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Year in review

Another productive year has passed for Cape York NRM. We look back on 2017 as a busy year of hard work and many successes for Cape York NRM and its partners.

We recruited our Fire Project Coordinator following last December’s Cape York Fire Forum; and we launched My Cape York Life – a podcast series showcasing the lives of Cape York’s land managers.

Western Cape Turtle Threat Abatement Alliance (WCTTAA) held a forum to review three years of operations. The WCTTAA documentary, One in a Thousand, was launched and almost 500 people have attended seven public screenings so far. The Laura region was first in Grasses of Cape York – our new guide to the Cape’s native grasses. The Grasses of Quinkan Country will soon be on our website.

Over 100 people attended the National Indigenous Fire Workshop, hosted by Balnggarrawarra Gaarraay Traditional Owners; our Regional Landcare Facilitator hosted the State Regional Landcare Facilitator workshop in Cooktown; and we’ve participated in many Cape York events and meetings.

Gully remediation works continued on Crocodile Station, and are extending to other properties. Cape York NRM has also supported planning for gully erosion management on Springvale Station. We’ve continued to support growers in Lakeland, releasing the ABCD Frameworks for Grazing and Agriculture. Electro-conductivity mapping continues in Lakeland, helping farmers make best use of soil, water and fertilisers. Cape York NRM, Terrain NRM and Northern Gulf Resource Management Group partnered to establish Corporate Nature. We’ve also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Torres Strait Regional Authority to strategically align on common goals.

Cape York NRM and partners presented at the 14th Queensland Weed Symposium, and we are currently wrapping up the Litter and Illegal Dumping project, and recording series two of My Cape York Life.

Behind the scenes our staff undertakes reporting, IT, project support, communications and mapping to keep the wheels turning for our office. We’re also working hard to ensure our bid for the National Landcare Program (NLP2) represents the aspirations of Cape York’s land and sea managers, with consultations held in Cooktown, Bamaga, Weipa and Coen.

A highlight of the year was a 20/20 score for our participation in the National Landcare Programme Performance Expectation review.

Cape York NRM looks forward to continuing the hard work and successes with you in 2018.

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