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2018 - Invite to submit articles

By Robyn May, Communications Officer, Cape York NRM

This is an invitation to all our project partners, and Cape York NRM members and directors, to submit content for the Cape York Healthy Country Newsletter. We want to share your stories about the terrific work that you’re doing with everyone across the Cape. It’s inspiring for people to read about what can be achieved by the land and sea managers of this beautiful region, so please contact us to chat about your ideas for natural resource management related articles; or simply send an email.

Everyone loves to see what’s happening - words (though important) mean so much more with great photos. Our project partners are encouraged to take lots of photos as their projects progress. They’re important for reporting purposes, a useful document for your own records, and welcomed as valuable newsletter content.

Photo tips:

  • Be aware of your background (rubbish, people, personal items and so on)
  • Photos need to be of high quality, minimum of 1MB
  • All people in photos must give permission for the photo to be used
  • Name people in photo, and provide short description of every photo (eg: John Smith wiring fence at … )
  • Features of people in shot should be clear
  • Crisp, clear photos – be aware of lighting
  • Have fun!

Written content:
Keep one-page articles to around 250 words – maximum of 300 – to allow room for photos.

Submission deadlines for 2018:
It’s extremely important that your submissions arrive here on time to increase the opportunity of your article being included in the next issue. Following are the submission deadline dates, and general theme for each issue (topics may alter):

Submissions to be received by: 
16 March - Water
1 June - Soils
31 August - Biodiversity
30 November Annual wrap-up
You’re welcome to call me on 07 4095 7131 or 1300 132 262, or email to

Appears in: