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Update from Cape York NRM Directors

The 2017 dry season has now fully kicked in across the region, with the topic of fire management growing.

The Nature Conservancy has contributed significantly to our newly formed Fire Project and Coordinator role. Land managers have welcomed discussions around appropriate fire management specific to the native grasses and the terrain of this region, but which also reflect on how ecosystems, waterways and the like can stay healthy through sound management and early burning. The Board has been quite sad to lose one of its key directors, Barry Lyon, to this position. Keeping it local with local knowledge, relationships and expertise, is invaluable to this role. The Board would like to acknowledge and thank The Nature Conservancy for making this possible.

On the topic of fire, a huge thanks to the Balnggarrawarra Gaarraay Traditional Owners who welcomed the 2017 Indigenous Fire Workshop to Melsonby earlier in July. The event was a huge success, with over 100 supporters coming from Cape York and across the country.

This issue talks about various current topics that link with conservation. Conservation goes together with every other industry across the region, and no-one is a better conservationist than a pro-active, responsible land manager. To be able to continue to carry out and implement our projects around healthy soils and waterways, fire management, threatened species, biodiversity and livelihoods, we must thank the Queensland Government and the Australian Government. Without their consistent investment into research, and into addressing challenges on land and in water, our beautiful region would suffer and land managers would be facing even more challenges. With climate change becoming a very real experience, Cape York NRM needs to remain proactive and strong; we need to teach, learn from others, and share knowledge and experiences to help each other succeed on the land.

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