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Update from the Directors

by Emma Jackson, Chairperson, Cape York NRM, Sector Director - Primary Industries

Last quarter we talked water, this quarter let’s talk land. 

As an organisation we appreciate the balance between water, land and life. All three are equally important to sustain the planet, but to sustain the planet we need to have sustainable practices.

It’s exciting to see the development of management practice frameworks for water quality and agriculture, including herbicides, nutrients and soil. Last newsletter featured the ABCD Management Practice Framework for Grazing, which has encouraged numerous land managers across the region to reflect on their individual practices. Further frameworks will give land and sea managers consistency amongst industry that allows for benchmarking, and that will also assist with future research.

The 2017 dry season has sprung upon Cape York with a rapid end to the wet season. Tourists are arriving, fishermen are hitting rivers and coasts, and land managers are working hard to do what they do best - manage the land, their animals and their crops. Businesses are ready for the year. 

The people in this region have a special passion for the area and for all the outcomes it provides. It is encouraging for all Cape York NRM Directors to hear the on-ground stories of groups working together, projects being delivered across the whole of Cape York, and the positive results on the land.

Our goals are for natural resource management services to build on healthy eco systems, and to build on landscape resilience and on people’s livelihoods. Without the people, we do not get to build on the health and resilience of our beautiful region. 

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