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Big data helps graziers to manage rangeland areas

The NRM Spatial Hub is a web-based tool that helps rangeland graziers decide how to optimise their grazing land management by bringing together map, satellite and grazier knowledge.


  • Graziers who use the NRM Spatial Hub see potential for it to help raise their annual revenue by 35%.
  • 700+ land managers use the award winning Hub and users are increasing.
  • Support and involvement from many NRM partners led to the Hub’s success.

The NRM Spatial Hub brings together the worlds latest mapping and imagery technology to provide a simple web-based tool to allow Australia’s rangelands to be managed more profitably and sustainably. The Hub combines the latest geospatial mapping technologies with time series satellite remote sensing of ground cover, in a way that’s never been available before.

For the first time, the sheep and beef industries will be able to use and compare their own data paddock data with government data in a consistent and interactive way.

The initiative demonstrates how world leading remote sensing of ground cover through an online website can optimise grazing pressure and land condition, and allow land managers to make better, more informed decisions.

Landholder survey

A landholder survey showed:

  • 90% found the Hub easy to use.
  • 95% said the Hub has the potential to measurably improve the productivity, profitability and sustainability of their property.
  • More than 50% felt the Hub would save them between 10 and 30 labour days a year.
  • 75% said it would measurably increase safe carrying capacity through better pasture utilisation.
  • 72% rated this type of technology as important to making their business viable and sustainable in the future.

The survey revealed that half of the respondents considered their properties to be around 50% developed. Using the Hub technology to guide future investment in infrastructure development, could conservatively increase annual revenue by more than 35%, through improved pasture utilisation and increased stocking rates. This increase does not include the improvements in property value, risk management and labour savings that would also result.

Commercial development

The Hub’s success due to collaboration with end users has resulted in an innovative, practical tool that is now being commercialised. The services of the Hub will be delivered via Meat and Livestock Australia and NRM Regional Bodies.


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