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My Cape York Life - sharing your stories with the world

A conversation during a 2016 road trip inspired a wonderful collection of story-telling by some of Cape York’s ingenious land managers.

Our podcast series, My Cape York Life, was launched on Friday 10 February on Cape York NRM’s Land Manager site. It explores the lives of eight of Cape York’s best – people working in conservation, agriculture, local government and not-for-profits – who manage traditional Aboriginal lands, care for endangered species and conservation areas, enable scientific studies, and develop innovation in agriculture, grazing and sustainable farming systems.

The series is available via most podcasts apps, or on Cape York NRM’s Land Manger website: http://

My Cape York Life is brought to you by Cape York NRM, with support from South Cape York Catchments, and the Australian Government's National Landcare Programme.

Episode Guide:

Episode 1 & 2 | Shelley Lyon

Shelley has lived on Cape York for over 40 years, working in national parks and in conservation.

Episode 3 | Mikayla Down

Mikayla is a 25 year old Traditional Owner of Lama Lama Country and a young Cape York leader.

Episode 4 | Louise Stone

Louise has spent many years training Cape York Rangers in Conservation and Land Management.

Episode 5 | Annette and Peter Marriott

Annette grew up in Cooktown, and Peter has been a Cape York cattleman for more than 40 years.

Episode 6 | Desmond Tayley

Desmond is the Mayor of Wujal Wujal – a place which is “so nice you’ve got to say it twice”.

Episode 7 | Wendy Seabrook

Dr Wendy Seabrook is an ecologist from London now living in Cooktown.

Episode 8 | Lewis Roberts

Lewis is Shiptons Flat station’s third generation, a self-taught naturalist and a botanical illustrator.

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