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Eastern Kuku Yalanji Indigenous Protected Area Management Plan Stage 2

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Jalunji-Warra Land and Sea Country


Jalunji-Warra People have always looked after our bubu and jalun (Map
1) according to our traditional Jalunji-Warra culture, law/lore and custom. On 10 June 1770, James Cook’s ship Endeavour struck Endeavour Reef
in our Country; “I named the north point Cape Tribulation, because here began all our troubles,” wrote Cook in his journal. Soon afterwards, many waybala (Europeans) arrived in our Country. Since the waybala arrived, there have been many changes, but we have kept our connection to Country, maintained our culture and continued to care for our bubu and jalun.

This IPA has grown out of work we have been doing for many years, especially through native title and agreement-making since 1994.


This data file or resource can be downloaded from: /sites/default/files/2019-04/cynrm048_land_eky-bubu-jalun_ipa.pdf