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Director Information Package 2022

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Cape York NRM is the member-owned Natural Resource Management (NRM) body for the Cape York NRM Region. Cape York NRM supports individuals, groups and communities involved in cultural and natural resource management, with funding, professional and practical support, regional coordination and planning, communications, and representation.

The objects for which the company is established are to carry out the role of a regional natural resource management body for the Cape York region by:

  • Working with the people of the Cape York region to develop and deliver natural resource management activities for the purpose of protecting, enhancing or improving the natural environment or a significant aspect of the natural environment of the Cape York region
  • Building the capacity of people and organisations within the Cape York region to care for the natural environment and to practice sustainable use of natural resources
  • Promoting the recognition and protection of the unique cultural heritage of Cape York including its sites, structures and objects of cultural significance as well as the intellectual property inherent in the traditional knowledge and practices of its Indigenous people, and
  • Supporting and facilitating the ecological sustainability and viability of industry to improve quality of life for the Cape York community.

Cape York NRM is recognised as having contributed strongly to the creation of a community that cares for its natural environment and practices sustainable use of its natural resources.