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Springvale Erosion Management Plan

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In 2016 the Queensland Government purchased Springvale Station, a 56,295ha property in Far North Queensland (Figure 1). Springvale Station was purchased to add to the State’s protected area network and complement activities being taken to reduce sediment run-off entering the Normanby River catchment, a significant catchment that drains to the northern Great Barrier Reef. The acquisition of Springvale Station represents a whole-of-catchment approach to managing a State protected area. As well as protecting the property’s important natural and cultural values, the ongoing management of Springvale Station coupled with activities on neighbouring properties will contribute to improving the water quality within the Normanby River catchment.

The Springvale Station Erosion Management Plan (EMP) and the supporting technical document titled Technical Report to the Springvale Station Erosion Management Plan (CYNRM 2017) were prepared by a team of experts and Traditional Owners, on behalf of the Department of Environment and Science. The EMP will inform the future management planning and activities to be delivered on Springvale Station, as well as identifying potential investment and collaboration opportunities for erosion control on the property.


This data file or resource can be downloaded from: /sites/default/files/2018-10/springvale-emp.pdf