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Eastern Kuku Yalanji Indigenous Protected Area Management Plan Stage 1

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Caring for Kuku Nyungkal Country

Our vision for our bubu (land)1 is to

  • Maintain our Nyungkal culture, belief, customs and law/lore;

  • Sustain, conserve, and preserve our country, landscapes, waters, mountains and all our cultural sites;

  • Care for our people and their social and economic well being.

    We Kuku Nyungkal Bama stand proud in knowing ourculture, beliefs, customs and law/lore. We want to moveback to country, back to bubu, and maintain cultural connection through food, lore, medicine and healing. Our identity reflects our Ngujakura (Dreaming) and our fore fathers and their ancestors, and the generations to come. We want Nyungkal culture and law to drive management on country today as it did in the past. Complex tenure and laws from the Australian governments have divided up our country into different zones and uses2. We see that the Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) can help us put management of country back together.

    This Indigenous Protected Area Management Plan will help us reach our vision for Nyungkal culture, people and ourbubu to be strongly connected again.


This data file or resource can be downloaded from: /sites/default/files/2019-04/cynrm049_land_eky-ipa_stage1_nyungkal.pdf