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Hopevale Aboriginal Shire council planning scheme

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Hope Vale is a community for families that celebrates Aboriginal culture, striving to be sustainable, viable, fair and equitable, accommodating change, fostering growth, promoting success in a friendly and culturally sensitive environment and is an enjoyable place to live.

The Hope Vale Aboriginal Shire Council planning scheme respects the community’s values and is committed to sensitive, planned, sustainable and culturally appropriate development. The Planning Scheme integrates the community’s values with how we use and care for the land in Hope Vale within four themes:

Socially strong and healthy communities

Building a safe, strong and self-reliant community with access to a range of community services and facilities aimed at providing opportunities for participation in community life.

Economic development

Promoting a strong, competitive and viable economy throughout Hope Vale by supporting and investing in business development and local employment opportunities that reflects the needs and aspirations of the community (see Figure 3)

Environmental management

Enhancing and managing the environmental assets of the Shire; ensuring a balanced approach to the use of and protection of the natural environment for future generations.

Services infrastructure

Effectively planning, delivering and maintaining essential community services and infrastructure networks for the community’s current and future needs.


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