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Laura-Normanby Catchment Management Strategy

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The Laura-Normanby Catchment Area covers a vast and relatively undeveloped area with extensive riverine and wetland systems, one of Queensland's largest conservation areas (Lakefield National Park), numerous sacred aboriginal sites, good cattle country and rich agricultural lands. The majority of residents and landholders in the Catchment recognise the unique attributes of the area and the need to protect and preserve these attributes for the future. Most are working hard to develop the land in a sustainable manner. Yet as many people in the wider community are placing a greater emphasis on retaining wilderness in undeveloped areas, the decisions regarding land use and management are being increasingly made with little input from those who are impacted by the decisions. This plan has taken into account the extensive community consultations that have been conducted, documents the knowledge and concerns of the local landholders, resource managers, and traditional owners who are most affected by Cape York management decisions. It is intended to provide direction for the prioritisation of resource management issues and the specific actions needed to address these issues.