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Kuuku I’yu Northern Kaanju Ngaachi Cultural Heritage Management Plan

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This document outlines the cultural heritage management plan for the Kuuku I’yu Northern Kaanju Ngaachi for the next six years from 2011 to 2017. This is an iterative document, meaning that it will be reviewed and updated as more of the KINKN is mapped and surveyed and cultural heritage knowledge is recorded over the coming years.

The development of this management plan has been conducted over four stages:

  • Stage 1: Consultation with key stakeholders, desktop study and background data gathering, including a description of the plan’s environmental, historical and cultural context and the mapping of recorded sites.
  • Stage 2: Cultural mapping – identification of clan estates and associated Stories, as well as archaeological and ethnographic places known and used in pre-contact and post-contact (contemporary) times.
  • Stage 3: Field survey for cultural sites and landscapes – collation of site-specific information and identification of links between tracts of land and the wider cultural landscape.
  • Stage 4: Development of the cultural heritage management plan in consultation with key stakeholders.