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Singapore daisy


  • Vigorous spreading creeper with pinkish hairy stems to 2m long, roots develop at leaf nodes to form dense mats.
  • Leaves bright green, glossy appearance, lance shaped, usually 3-lobed with toothed edges, arranged in pairs along the stem.
  • Bright yellow, daisy-like flowers up to 3cm in diameter.


  • Native to Central America, this plant is widely used by gardeners as a soil stabiliser or ground cover. It invades native vegetation, creek mabnks, and disturbed areas.
  • Prefers sandy or well-drained soils in coastal areas.
  • Intolerant of deep shade, needs ample moisture.

Sphagneticola trilobataSphagneticola trilobataSphagneticola trilobataSphagneticola trilobata


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Weed Declaration

This species is declared Restricted Matter under the Biosecurity Act 2014 for further information on declaration refer to your Local Government or the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.

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