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Khaki weed

Weed Habitat 

  • A native to tropical America, Khaki weed colonises bare or disturbed areas, and occasionally native pastures.
  • Though deep taproots enable it to survive drought conditions, the plant needs plentiful moisture for vigorous growth; hence it grows well on irrigated recreational areas. Sharp spines of burr, a great annoyance.


  • A ground creeping perennial herb, with a thick tap root.
  • Prolific reddish stems to 60 cm long in thick mats on the ground. Roots form at stem nodes.
  • Numerous hairy leaves in opposite pairs of unequal size, oval or ovate, short stalked, prominent veins on underside.
  • Flowers inconspicuous in clusters in leaf axils.
  • Fruit is a chaff-coloured prickly burr about 1 cm long.

Alternanthera pungensAlternanthera pungensAlternanthera pungens


Plant Type

Leaf Arrangement

Other weed identifiers

Plant Life Cycle

Weed Declaration

Currently not declared however under the Biosecurity Act 2014 you still have an obligation to prevent or minimise a biosecurity risk posed by a pest.

Weed Spread