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Weed Habitat 

  • Indigenous to India, Nepal and South-east Asia, Grewia invades the dry grassy woodlands in North Queensland and is particularly prevalent around the Laura River.
  • Resistant to fire


  • A large, scraggly, spreading shrub 1-4 m high.
  • Long, slender, drooping branches, the young branchlets are densely covered with hairs.
  • Leaves alternate, broadly heart-shaped and pointed at the apex, 18 cm long prominently veined (5 main veins from the base), serrated edges with whitish bloom on the underside.
  • Small orange-yellow flowers, about 1 cm long on short stalks, clusters in the leaf axils, each with numerous stamens.
  • Clusters of round, fleshy, purple to black fruit, each with 1 or 2 hard seeds

Grewia asiaticaGrewia asiatica


Plant Type

Leaf Arrangement

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Plant Life Cycle

Weed Declaration

Currently not declared although its control is recommended.

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