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Weed Habitat 

  • A native of the Mediterranean, Caltrop is now found throughout Queensland in disturbed areas, roadsides, agricultural land and native vegetation.
  • Toxic to animals.


  • Spreading, prostrate annual or biannual herb with purplish-brown branches and woody tap root.
  • Numerous finely-hairy, stems up to 60 cm long, much branched.
  • Leaves silky-hairy, green above and paler beneath, opposite and unequal in size, with 5-7 pairs of leaflets
  • Yellow short-lived (1 day) flowers with 5petals to 10 mm long and carried singly on short stalk in leaf axils.
  • Fruit is a woody burr, 6-12 mm across, composed of 5 wedge-shaped segments each with two large spreading and usually two short stout conical spines.
  • Seed yellow, up to 4 seeds per segment of 20 seeds per burr.
  • Spread by tyres and boots.


Plant Type

Leaf Arrangement

Other weed identifiers

Plant Life Cycle

Weed Declaration

Currently not declared although its control is recommended.
Action For control information contact your local government weed inspector or your Biosecurity Queensland Land Protection Officer.

Weed Spread