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Reef Trust: Fifty Percent Reduction in Gully Erosion from High Priority Sub-Catchments in the Normanby

The primary objective of this project is to improve the quality of water flowing into the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) lagoon specifically targeting the reduction of sediment load flowing from within the GBR catchment. In order to achieve a reduction in sediment load the project is utilising the most advanced spatial gully prioritisation method to target the implementation of cost effective on ground action with the aim of producing a 50% reduction in sediment load being caused by gully errosion in the highest priority sub-catchments within the Normanby Basin. Erosion reduction methods such as exclusion fencing of the gully sub-catchment, direct seeding of native grasses and trees as well as strategic gully stabilisation work is being performed at 14 of the most readily eroding gullies in two high priority areas such as Crocodile Station. 

The project's activities include the direct remediation of 5.6 hectares of erosion, revegetation work on 56 hectares of land in order to improve soil stability, the construction of fencing to protect land vulnerable to erosion from livestock and other impacts, and a total of 6 community consultation events to encourage engagement and support for the project. The project overall aims to reduce sediment levels flowing into the Great Barrier Reef Catchment from gully erosion by 9034 tonne per year.

Gully Mitigation Field Guide


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Australian Government

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The project is assisting in the delivery of the main outcome of the Reef Trust Gully Erosion Control Programme; to reduce sediment loads from gully erosion by 50% in the highest priority subcatchments in the Normanby Basin. In this specific project of the Programme the remediation sites are Crocodile Gap, Granite Normanby, and the West Normanby Bridge.

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Gully Mitigation Field Guide
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