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01 Jul 2015


Cape York Indigenous Fire Workshop 2015-2018

Income generated from prior year ticket sales to attend and facilitate Cape York fire workshop At the National Indigenous Fire Workshop you will walk with the fire, learning first-hand with traditional owners reading country, the animals, the trees, the seasons, and the cultural responsibility of looking after country. There are demonstrations of research, plant and cultural knowledge workshops that all lead to practicing culture by making country healthy through fire. These on-country workshops have been held annually since 2008 and have been developed over the years to strengthen culture and share the importance of getting traditional fire regimes back on country. Each year the workshop is hosted by a different community with different landscapes to share this amazing community led initiative Australia wide. The workshop is a community lead initiative supported by Cape York NRM to bring Indigenous fire practices into looking after our communities and environment.


Start Date
01 Jul 2015
Funding Organisation
Cape York Natural Resource Management, Mulong Pty Ltd
Investment Type
NRM Sector
Conservation, Indigenous
NRM Zone
Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 3, Zone 4
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