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Cape York Horticulture Roundtable

15 May 2019 - 15 May 2019
Lakeland Community Hall

Major and Organised Crime Squad

     Updates to prosecutions and rural laws

     Know your rights - trespassing, weapons and animal activists 

     Stock Squad Q&A session

Climate Variability, Lyndal Scobell, University of Southern Queensland

     Northern Australia Climate Variability and the Climate Mates project

     How to increase landholders capacity to develop effective response strategies to climate and market variability (provenance and sustainability)


Cape York NRM projects update, Michael Goddard and Abbey Ernst

     Current projects update

     What’s happening in the Lakeland region

     P2R Regional Integrated Science Forum update

Dinner provided at the pub at 6:30pm

2019 Cape York Horticulture Roundtable


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