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Climate tools

Cape York has and will continue to be impacted by climate change, from hot weather, extreme fires, more severe cyclones and others. There are several actions that land managers and the community can do to prepare for future changes. Some of these are listed here and others will be provided as Cape York NRM continued to build new tools and produce information.

Cyclone Tracks

The tool below shows cyclone tracks over the past 100+ years across Australia. One of the unique parts of Cape York is that it is next to the Coral Sea basin, where cyclones are highly unpredictable. Please go to the Bureau of Meteorology site for further information.

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Presentation: Regional impacts of climate change

In October 2014, Cape York NRM co-hosted the Cooktown Climate Forum with South Cape York Catchments. Guest speaker Prof Steve Turton presented a lecture on the impacts climate change may have on northern Australia.

Carbon Farming and Biodiversity Projections

On the Ecosystems, Carbon and Biodiversity site, two tools are available to help understand carbon and biodiversity under climate change:

  1. Carbon abatement, under the Carbon Farming Initiative, can allow land managers to be paid for managing country. This tool provides information for understanding carbon through an explanation of what's possible and what's not on Cape York.
  2. Climate change will have a large impact on where species live. The tool below provides some information on key vertebrate species of Cape York.


Sea level rise

As temperatures rise globally, the sea level will also rise on Cape York. According to the CSIRO and Bureau of Meteorology, the sea level has already risen several centimetres on average, which is starting to affect coastal erosion and freshwater sources. While there is limited information on sea level rise on Cape York, models in Port Douglas and Cairns show an alarming rise.

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Current wind map

In addition to the weather and forecasts from the Bureau of Meteorology, Windy provides a great visualisation of current weather and wind patterns globally.

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