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Cape York:My Place

Towards the end of 2020, the Cape York community was invited to submit entries for consideration to feature in a beautiful 2021 Cape York calendar. The submissions are now central to the 'wow factor' of the finished product. 

Submissions were open to all ages from tiny tots to seniors and was not a competition.

The calendar was produced by Cape York Natural Resource Management to celebrate the organisation’s 10-year anniversary of supporting people on the Cape. 

Cape York NRM Chair Emma Jackson said the initiative was designed to showcase the close relationship between people and Country on the Cape, and to help raise awareness of the environmental, social and cultural values of the region.

‘Cape York NRM has been working to create a sustainable and integrated region since 2010. We believe the natural and cultural values and the community spirit of this place are second to none and we want to showcase this remarkable region through the creative outputs of its people,’ Ms Jackson said.