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Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ)

The Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) is the peak body for local government in Queensland. It is a not-for-profit association set up solely to serve the state's 77 councils and their individual needs. The LGAQ has been advising, supporting and representing local councils since 1896, enabling them to improve their operations and strengthen relationships with their communities. The Association does this by connecting councils to people and places that count; supporting their drive to innovate and improve service delivery through smart services and sustainable solutions; and delivering them the means to achieve community, professional and political excellence.

The LGAQ provides a voice for local government at the state and federal level. The LGAQ is the corporate entity representing all Queensland local governing bodies. While it seeks to identify issues of state-wide concern to local government and to arrive at a consensus view as to local government's position on the issues identified, there is provision for minority views to be represented.

The media and other forms of communication (e.g. state local government journals, industry association journals as well as publications such as newspapers and journals) are to be used where possible to create an awareness at the state and federal government levels of the local government position on important issues and the enhancement of the image, credibility and support for local government within the community. Social media and other forms of electronic communication play an increasingly important role in communicating key messages and should be used where appropriate.



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